There is a gunshot but who is the shooter and whom are they aiming for?

We go back 2 years.  The Rock group Nova, brothers Tony and Mike, are coming to the end of a very successful tour, but Tony wants to quit so he can carry on partying and Mike wants to write new material and try for a solo career. So their manager Glen finds a new artist, Alesha, and using all modern day media makes her the worlds biggest internet hit.  We watch the process from auditions, dancers, rehearsals, costume, makeup, interviews and photo shoots, all culminating in the MTV awards.

But Eddie, her long time agent, is finally getting a taste of the high life and enters a world of gambling and drugs, which send Alesha's finances and friendships out of control.

Joy and Sky are best friends with Alesha from school days and have been with her from the start as backing singers and dancers but as Alesha finds love with Mike, Joy’s relationship with Tony ends when both of them hit rock bottom. Sky however seems to relish the constant attention and becomes Glens P.A.

When one fan wins a competition to see the last Nova concert, dreams are dashed as Tony causes yet another scene and the show is cancelled. With the steady stream of minor celebrities all wanting to cash in on Alesha's success, can she survive the pressure?

But all is not what it seems……...
I find it odd that throughout history musicals have always represented the culture of the time and with the advent of Jesus Christ Superstar we saw music and lyrics for a new generation, yet this hasn’t happened recently...
Based on every rag to riches film with the music of an iTunes generation………..  All that is about to change………




(Opening Sequence) A Fan sits in an armchair in silhouette surrounded by pictures. They pick up the computer and on a large screen we see the American rock stars Nova (Mike and Tony) and get 20 seconds of television clips of Alesha and Mike Nova and their music videos culminating in footage of them both heading for the car and making their way up the red carpet after the MTV awards. There is a gunshot. There is panic…blackout.

Back 2 years and Nova are performing at a stadium towards the end of a long tour. (Only With You) After the performance they walk with their entourage from the stage to their dressing room passing their number one fan Jane (Always promise You Something) and at a press conference Tony announces the end of the group. (Change)

Glen (Novas Manager) and his secretary Stella are looking at videos and my space pages looking for artists. He decides to do things the old way and hits the clubs and gigs to find a new artist. (I Finish Today)

Aleshas Management Company launch her new look and sound in the hope of getting a big deal. (Its About Time) The Crowd goes wild (Do You Believe) and her management team lead by Eddie are suddenly thrown into the highflying world and start talks with Glen (Always Promise You Something)

Weeks have passed and Mike and Glen are on the phone  either side of the stage with Alesha, now signed to Glen , centre stage in the recording studio with Steve (producer) and Sky and Joy, her singers and best friends. (I Believe)

A party hosted by Tony as business people are networking (The Game) where Mike meets Alesha for the first time (Change) and where Joy and Tony meet. (Jimmy Dean)

Screen footage as well as the live version of the television studio and its newsreader Kevin who announces a competition to win two tickets to Novas last gig (Competition Time) and talks to their number one fan Jane about her life and what Nova means to her. (All I Talk About)

Novas penultimate gigthe concert fades into the background as Alesha takes over from Tony and with Mike sings the rest of the song as a duet eventually kissing. (Only With You)

Film studio where Sky as choreographer is giving the dancers  the final touches to the routine (Rehearsal) whilst camera ,lights, equipment ,costume and make up all try to get their departments ready for the music video shoot with Alesha for her first single. (Get Much Better)

On the screen news broadcast from many different channels. The unseen fan watching in shadow against the screens. Mike and Alesha sing a Ballard on stage while the screens go through the romance in a film montage. (I Will Love You)

Another party at Tony’s (Always Promise You Something) where Eddie and Max (Novas body guard and roadie) are now best friends and Joy’s affair with Tony and his party palls already looks like it’s taking its toll on her. Sky isn’t happy and wants Joy to leave but she’s in too deep. (All I Talk About)

Jane has  been at the gates of the party getting autographs but now  walks around the party in her own dream sequence .No one can see her and she can do what she likes. (You Will Never Know)



Big production number where Eddie is paying off investors and partying, (Eddies Lament) unaware that Max is leading him astray and introducing him to the wrong people (think of a Gene Kelly MGM musical)

News on the screen and live on stage with Kevin. Jane is the winner of the competition. Stella comes forward and gives her a backstage pass and some tour Souvenirs at Novas final gig (Saturday Night). Half way through the set Tony is heckled and jumps off the stage looking for a fight. Jane is taken away by Stella having not met the boys due to the chaos so Alesha hits the stage and is acclaimed by the media and Kevin as the biggest star on the planet. (Supernova)

Tony’s apartment, with party people hanging around for one last blast. They all leave and Alesha and the girls and the brothers have a huge row taking Joy with them as she needs medical treatment. (Change) In all the commotion the door is left open and everyone has deserted Tony. Jane sees an opportunity and takes it. (I believe) Tony is quite drunk now and ready to take advantage of the situation. He gets her against a wall and tries to get up her skirt but she gets away.

Sky goes outside to deal with the press and talk to Kevin. (Safe to Say)

Glens office where Stella is taking notes as usual, Mike and Alesha decide to see less of each other as Mike thinks it’s damaging her career. (Do You Believe) Kevin needs to sort out the mess with Eddie and Max.

Joy enters the rehearsal room from the hospital and the three girls have a very emotional reunion. (Every time)

Mike is backstage waiting to go on a talk show talking to Alesha on the phone. During this conversation Mike is taken out of his dressing room and onto the set by Stella where he gives a very small performance, just Mike and the musicians unplugged. (Mp3 People) The song gets bigger until Joy, Eddie, Glen, Jane, Sky, Alesha, Tony and Mike are all singing the same song in pin spots around the stage.

Tony has gone down to the local pole-dancing club where the girls are in full swing. (Finish) There is a fight with a reporter and Glen arrives just in time to stop it

Jane is busy tapping out web addresses and going through face book. She finds an old (Interview) and realizes she went to school with Alesha but knew her under a different name. (You Will Never Know)

Cat walk and ensemble number on the red carpet (Your All I Talk About) as Kevin introduces the stars at the MTV awards. The car arrives and ALESHA steps out to flash photography.Alesha is pushed and shoved until she finds herself in her dressing room where Mike has been waiting to se her. (I Will Love You)

The stage is now set for the MTV awards, screens, pyrotechnics, and dancers.
Kevin announces this year’s winner of best international female is Alesha. (Daddy)
The performance continues as the brothers meet each other on the balcony watching the show and put their problems behind them. (Finish)

Blackout. (Closing Sequence) Back to the beginning of the show with the same news footage of Alesha on the red carpet after the MTV awards. The crowd’s part and Sky jumps in front of Alesha as she sees the unseen fan pointing a gun at her and fire. She misses Alesha and Sky takes the bullet in the shoulder. The Fan approaches Alesha still pointing the gun but then turns to Mike. We see the fan for the first time and realise it is Stella. Tony steps out from behind Mike and stands between them. Stella fires again but Tony rushes her and the bullet misses. The screens fade as media interest has obviously moved on.

Kevin introduces Alesha who appears in a pin spot to sing the final ballad (Dance in the Rain) followed by Nova now together again. (Finale).