The story of a girl who found love and became an Internet singing sensation... a star is born

This project has been a huge undertaking over many months and has been made possible by the various artists and musicians involved. Due to availability most parts have been doubled by performers giving everyone a chance to contribute their own unique sound to the CD, without loosing the narrative of the show.

Using a mixture of rock, pop and R & B this show finally brings the music of the charts and internet onto the stage in what promises to bring musical theatre well and truly into the present day. Combining television shows and film musicals, whilst trying to bridge the gap between an arena rock show and the quick fire editing of a music video, this piece still manages to use the language of old school musical theatre.

I would like to thank all those involved, as I firmly believe we have created something extraordinary and unique. 


1 Opening sequence *
2 Only with you *
3 Always promise you something *
4 Change +                              
5 It's about time +
6 Do you believe *
7 Always promise (reprise) *
8 The game +
9 Change
10 Jimmy dean +
11 Competition time *
12 All I talk about +
13 Only with you (reprise) *
14 Rehearsals +
15 Get much better +
16 I will love you +
17 Always promise (reprise) *
18 All I talk about +
19 You'll never know *



1 Eddies lament
Saturday night
Change + *

2 Safe to say *
3 Do you believe (reprise) *
4 Mp3 people +
5 Finish +
6 Interview *
7 You'll never know *
8 The music awards +
9 I will love you +
10 Daddy +
11 Closing sequence *
12 Dance in the rain +
13 Finale *


Ensemble, Tee Jaye
Jon Boydon, Tim Howar
Ensemble, Dawn Spence
Stuart Milligan, Joseph Prouse, James Winter
Julia Worsley
Golda Rosheuvel
.Golda Rosheuvel, Jye Frasca, Stuart Milligan, Krysten Cummings
Golda Rosheuvel, Jye Frasca, Lucy Williamson, Stuart Milligan, Krysten Cummings
Krysten Cummings, Jon Boydon
Tee Jaye, Dawn Spence
Ensemble, Dawn Spence
Golda Rosheuvel, Tim Howar
Lucy Williamson, Golda Rosheuvel, Krysten Cummings
Golda Rosheuvel
Mark Isherwood, Lucinda Gill
Ensemble, Jye Frasca
Lucy Williamson, Jye Frasca, Krysten Cummings
Alison Jiear



Jye Frasca, Mark Isherwood, Lucy Williamson
Krysten Cummings, Tim Howar
Tee Jaye, Ensemble
Lucy Williamson, Jye Frasca, Krysten Cummings, Golda Rosheuvel, Joseph Prouse, James Winter
Lucy Williamson, Tee Jaye
Golda Rosheuve,l James Winter
James Winter, Full Company
Stuart Milligan, Joseph Prouse, Female Ensemble
Tee Jaye, Golda Rosheuvel
Dawn Spence
Full Company
Mark Isherwood, Lucinda Gill
Golda Rosheuvel
Full Company
Golda Rosheuvel
Golda Rosheuvel, Tim Howar, Jon Boydon